shutterstock_421546726 (1)Want to save some money on your energy bill? Here are 11 money-saving facts that you may not know.
  1. Lighting is both necessary and responsible for about 10 percent of your homes energy costs. One way to save as much as 75 percent on energy costs is by switching your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Not only do these save you money but they are also longer lasting than other bulbs.
  2. Saving money just by switching your bulb is good enough reason to change things up, but incandescent bulbs only provide 10 to 15 percent of light, CFL lights are more efficient.
  3. Having a lot of trees near your home serves more than one purpose. When trees are in the right place, it could save you as much as $100 and $250 year. That is enough motivation to start planting trees!
  4. Ceiling fans can go overlooked during the warmer months. Your ceiling fan lets you use less energy from your air conditioning and still remain comfortable.
  5. Ovens use up a ton of energy! Try using the microwave, counter-top grill and toaster instead. This will keep the temperature in your room from rising.
  6. When you have TV’s and lamps positioned near your air-conditioning thermostat, it makes it run longer than it is supposed to. This happens because the thermostat can pick up on the heat from your appliances. Something as simple as repositioning these things can save energy.
  7. Set your water heater to about 120 degrees to prevent unnecessary energy loss, because water heaters use up to 14 to 25 percent of energy consumption.
  8. Most households will lose almost 20 percent of heated and cooled air because it is going outdoors. To keep energy indoors, inspect your ducts to make sure they are secured and well insulated.
  9. Keep your AC set at 78 degrees instead of the typical 72-degrees. This will save you as much as 6 -18 percent on your bill. If you have less of a gap between the temperatures outdoors and inside your home, you will spend less on your bill. Even though it might be hot outside, you will fare better to keep your indoor temperature as high as you can.
  10. Use a thermostat that is programmable because you are going to save around $150 a year on your bill. You can purchase one that turns off on its own while you are away from home and it is intelligent enough to turn on when you get home. This is very convenient and energy saving.
  11. It is easy to forget to turn your computer off during the day when it is not in use. By doing this, you will save 21 cents a day. Unplug and electrical devices if you are not using them. Buy an outlet strip to plug your devices into so that it is easier to turn everything on and off.