shutterstock_310310327 (1)Believe it or not, things are constantly changing with windows. As more people go green, new advancements in green technology continue to develop for windows.

You will notice more options of colors for frames, design, and glazing. Plain, naked windows are not in style like they used to be. In 2017 more windows will be dressed with blinds and drapery. We suggest jumping on this trend if you have no energy to remodel the windows in your home because this will add a nice touch with less work.

Natural Lighting

There is no such thing as a natural lighting trend! Natural light never goes out of style. However, you will start seeing more custom windows built from floor to ceiling allowing for maximum light. This opens up the home and brightens up the space.

Keeping with the trend of letting more light in, more homeowners are placing small windows in areas not used before. You’ll find mini windows located in kitchens, closets and above staircases.

Energy Effective Windows

You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t care about energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows save money on bills which is important to just about everyone.

While colored vinyl windows will still be popular, you will also see an increase in thermally broken steel windows. These windows have narrow sightlines, which can be quite appealing for getting the most out of your view. They are also very energy efficient and can keep up the triple-paned glass. Thermally broken steel windows provide removable gasketing system-rubber seals that give the windows cushion and protection from weather conditions.

Window Treatments

Naked windows have their appeal, but dressing windows is definitely the style this year. More people want more color and brighter designs. It doesn’t take much effort to add lovely, rich colored drapes to your windows to change things up.

However, if you do not like thick drapes, thin gauzy fabric curtains can be very attractive.

Blinds and window shades block out light and provide additional privacy. Now, they are back in style with more modern designs. For people who like to sleep until late mornings or afternoon, there are even blackout shades. Blinds come in a variety of colors and styles, so choose something that fits your personality.

Bronze Clad Window Frames

New arrays of window frame colors swept through 2016. Last year, people began leaving their comfort zones by adding richer colors than before.

A new introduction to window frame colors is bronze clad wooden windows. Having cast in a forced out bronze cladding, this type of window frames provide excellent quality and lovely new designs with a classy look. As we move into 2017, you will see even more bronze-clad options, notably darker finishes – which are becoming more desirable.

What this means for you

2017 will be an exciting year for windows. Although these trends may only stick for a short time, use it as an opportunity to find something that works best for you and your personal taste. There is literally something for everyone’s financial situation, and there are numerous ways to create the exact look you desire.