shutterstock_151209320It’s springtime, Homeowner! Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, even the spring rain and blooming flowers. That means spending more time in your yard and specifically, on your patio. Apollo open roof systems are the perfect choice for creating an outdoor sanctuary you can enjoy from sunup to sundown.

Get the benefits of solid roof panels and latticework, all-in-one. On a cool day, open the interlocking louvers completely to enjoy the dwindling sunshine. Sunny days can feel cooler by simply closing them all the way, which helps create a shady preserve. You can even angle the open roof system toward or away from your home, for more natural, energy-efficient heating and cooling.

The Practical Advantages

Two of the most practical benefits of Apollo open roof systems are versatility and stylishness. That means, they provide you with the versatility you need to get through all four seasons, rain or shine while adding some flare to your patio, and your yard altogether.

1. Versatility of Apollo Open Roof Systems

Ever wish you could have designer blinds custom-built right into the cover of your patio? Well, open roof systems are much like that. Using a wall switch or remote, you can easily control how much share or sunlight you let inside. The interlocking louvers turn almost 180-degrees so you can fine-tune the atmosphere around you.

Want to create your own personal ambiance, look and feel? Just adjust the louvers to create anything from a dimly-lit romantic feel to a sun-filled illuminating style. Or, just crack them, ever so slightly, to create a shield from the sun on blaring days, while allowing the heat to escape. This helps improve energy-efficiency as well.

2. Stylish Designs of Apollo Open Roof Systems

Get the high-tech efficiency of an open roof system, with the stylish, refined, chic design you love. The interlocking louvers, when fully closed, look much like traditional ceiling panels with the tongue-and-groove style. But, they are customizable… add some architectural finishes or columns custom-designed just for you.

Use your open roof system to cover the pool deck behind your home, or use it to span your regal paved courtyard. Create a garden sanctuary by covering yours with an open roof system, or tuck it into a cozy breezeway for a secluded area just for you.

San Antonio Custom-Designed Apollo Open Roof Systems

Interested in transforming your simply patio into a sanctuary you and your San Antonio family can enjoy all year long? Energy Home Pros is a leader in the San Antonio area when it comes to open roof systems. Our experts help you design a patio system that adds value to your home and your overall life.

Take steps toward turning your backyard into a getaway destination. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Energy Home Pros of San Antonio today.