shutterstock_263493143 (1)Spring is officially here! And, San Antonio homeowners are scrambling to get their homes ready for the upcoming heat of the summer. As the spring sets in, changes in weather will also lead to changes in the way you live your daily life.

Now that it’s warming up a bit, and getting dark later, you’ll want to prepare your home so that it’s more energy efficient this spring. That way, you’re ready when the summer heat settles down on San Antonio.

10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Spring

Here are ten tips to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home this spring, so it’s ready when the summer hits:

1. Open the Windows

Spring weather comes with a nice breeze during daylight hours. Leave the A/C a little while longer, and cool your home with a cross-wise breeze.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

During early-Spring, ceiling fans alone can keep your home cool. Turn them on while the A/C is running, and you can raise your thermostat’s temperature by like four degrees.

3. Caulk ALL Air Leaks

Openings and cracks lead to leaked air. This causes your A/C to have to work that much harder to cool your home. Seal them all using quality caulk.

4. Seal Air Ducts

Electricity costs are driven up when air leaks out through ducts, which accounts for about 30% of your A/C’s energy consumption. Insulating and sealing ducts will make your home more energy efficient.

5. Use Bathroom Fans

The sound of your bathroom fan may be annoying. However, it’s one of the most efficient (and effective ways) to suck the humidity and heat from your home.

6. Let the Sun Shine In

Turning off artificial lights during the day can cut energy costs drastically. Instead, open the blinds and drapes, and use the sunlight to brighten up your home. It’ll also keep it cooler.

7. Install Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Replace your current window fixtures with energy efficient window coverings and treatments, such as films and shades. They help keep the heat out, cutting your cooling costs this spring.

8. Cook Outdoors

Spring is an awesome time to take advantage of that outdoor grill you haven’t been able to use since summer. And, everyone knows how much Texans love to grill!

9. Set Your Thermostat

Keeping your A/C at a lower setting when no one’s home is a waste of energy and money. Setting your programmable thermostat to a higher setting during those hours could reduce energy costs by about 10%.

10. Service Your Air Conditioner

Your A/C can become much more energy efficient with cleaned or new air filters. You can actually lower your cooling costs by up to 15%.

Also, be sure to have your A/C evaporator coil inspected and cleaned annually by your local San Antonio Energy Home Pros. Contact Energy Home Pros for your free in-home energy efficiency consultation today.